In November 2022 I did the micro∙blog November blogging challenge, to blog every day of the month. I completed the challenge and received my special achievement pin. Aside from writing a microblog of no more than 280 characters, I also added a drawing from my notebook.

collage of 31 days of drawing in my notebook for the challenge

The latter was so much fun, that I decided to continue the challenge—extend it—on my own. I called it my Microblogextended challenge. For all 31 days of December, I drew and wrote, even on Christmas and Boxing day, despite of day trips with my sister. I found the time to do it.

Here is the list:

In the last week I decided I need another challenge to keep me going. This time it will be a pure art challenge, drawing animals from an art instructional book that is out of print. I got that book as a Christmas present.

I’m really proud of myself I finished this challenge, though humbled by the inconsistency in quality and art style. That needs to change.