I didn’t compete in the very first microblogvember in 2019. It’s a self-challenge to blog every day on the timeline of micro∙blog for the month of November. This year, 2022, will be my first attempt to beat any procrastination to create that might come up during a month. I’ve done 29 of the 29 days so far, with only one day to go. I think I’ll manage the last one.

Here are 29 word prompts (and my solutions):

collage of 29 ballpoint pen sketches for Microblogvember 2022

  1. Figure (Musk buying twitter)
  2. Feast (guinea pigs)
  3. License (Micro∙camp)
  4. Admiration (Gollum)
  5. Exemption (House owners)
  6. Echo (Beethoven)
  7. Insight (spacecraft)
  8. Consensus (superheroes)
  9. Certain (Sherlock Holmes)
  10. Minister (TV series)
  11. Display (Adrian Black)
  12. Suspicion (Hitchcock)
  13. Adjust (heating)
  14. Leave (of senses)
  15. Aluminium (the chemical)
  16. Franchise (Superman)
  17. Barrel (beer vat)
  18. Tire (kitten from playing)
  19. Novel (fantasy)
  20. Repeat (Commodore 64)
  21. Ice (age)
  22. Graze (box)
  23. Update (Microblog News)
  24. Retain (Medieval prison)
  25. Ritual (Black Friday)
  26. Commitment (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  27. Motivation (Willy Wonka)
  28. Trend (life lesson)
  29. Fish (barracuda)

Mind you, I’m not stopping when November 30 ends. I will keep going, from “November 31” up to and including “November 61” 🤣 After the last official prompt for November 2022 from the @challenges@micro.blog account, I’ll continue with randomwordgenerator on my own. Hopefully by then I’ll have colored ballpoint pens, so I can make it more interesting to look at.

So, my self-challenge ends with the year 2022. Until then, it’ll be nose to the grindstone and solve the current daily prompt with a sketch and some words. I guess I’ll evaluate how it went in the New Year.

If you’re asking yourself why I drew in a notebook with lines, it’s a self-depreciation built in, so I can’t worry about such silly thoughts. It’s already bad for drawing to begin with. I can only make it better.

ballpoint pen selfie shrunken to a postage stamp size ✍️