Got invited for a COVID booster πŸ’‰ shot. Clearly people don’t want such stations in their neighborhoods or city centers, so it’s hard to get to, unless you own a car. That’s saying a lot in the Netherlands. It’ll take the whole morning (5 hours) to get there and back home.

Got my festive covid booster on second Christmas day. Had to travel a bit to get there. Previous times were a brief walk from where I live. πŸ’‰

I’m happy I chose the safe route by limiting my running to solo runs at a slow pace. Of those who just kept training with others (despite it was not allowed at the time) a few (still) suffer from long-covid. I escaped that fate, though I don’t envy those runners who got it. πŸ’‰

Today I’m fully vaccinated against COVID-19. I need to remain careful, but at least I’ve reduced the risk of being hospitalized or die. Still, I’m experiencing a great feeling of gratitude towards all scientists who made this possible and joy from hope for the future. πŸ’‰

Two months ago I needed two full days to recover from my πŸ’‰ Now barely a full day, though I felt more tired after my πŸƒ than I usually do.

Only two weeks before I’m fully πŸ’‰ vaccinated, though I expect a Pfizer β€œbooster” later this year if new variants threaten a fourth pandemic wave occurring.

πŸƒ 10 times 200 m, with 200 m recovery as intervals. Afterwards, I saw my β™‘ drop to 45 bpm. Must be the anticipation of being πŸ’‰ later in the day. It also used to happen on days I ran an important race: less appetite, lower heart rate, and a deep calm.

It seems my cautious approach to πŸƒ is starting to 🐻 🍎 Not only could I run 9 km in 62 minutes, I also ran 1 km in 5:35 min, in an attempt to train my lactate threshold. Now my πŸ’‰ has been brought forward by 6 weeks (because of new variants?), I’ll be able to run in a group sooner.

Now it’s two weeks after my first πŸ’‰ I thought it safe enough to do some masked shopping (no not that kind πŸ”« 🀑 of shopping) in my local town. On my way back I walked through a park, back home to my two feline buddies, still locked up in a cage.

My first πŸƒ after being vaccinated πŸ’‰ with AstraZeneca. I had a head wind in the first half. On my way back home it went like clockwork with the wind in my back. The pouring rain didn’t bother me, since I could empty my head after two stressful days of pain and recovery.

The AstraZeneca vaccine certainly has side-effects, though mild in most cases. In my case these are pain/stiffness around the injection point, fatigue, and a higher resting heart rate (15 bpm higher than normal). I don’t feel like running. Good then that I stocked up earlier. πŸ’‰

I had to shop for some heavy πŸˆβ€β¬› stuff, and without a car, a Dutch bike is a good alternative 🚲 My arm was still stiff from the πŸ’‰ yesterday as well as I felt a bit dizzy, but luckily no headache πŸ€• nor a fever πŸ€’

And… πŸ’‰ I had to wait 15 minutes afterwards to be sure I didn’t get an averse reaction. Next one will be in three months.

Early bird catches the worm, so to speak. Today’s πŸƒ was easy enough and I felt good, despite too short a night. I suppose I’m a bit anxious because of the vaccination πŸ’‰ shot later today.

Tomorrow I’ll get my first ever COVID-19 vaccination, so I want to remain as fit as possible. Today’s πŸƒ proved yet again that I am. πŸ’‰