🌞   🌛


  • Sun worshipers 🐱☀️

    Two cats in a tiny room sharing sunlight shining on floor and wall.
  • I wanted to go shopping, but, apparently, I am not 🐱😻

    Cat sits in shopping crate, looks quite smug of itself
  • 6 years and counting 😺🥳

    Cat sitting on folded table cloth looking up, away from camera
  • If I were as eager into doing my garden as my cat is into eating, my garden would’ve been done already. Ah well, lazybones is making some progress now, at the start of meteorological summer. (Sry 4 🙈 🎞️🛍️ job… LZ.) 😂

    Potting soil in the foreground, hungry cat in the background, bad photoshop job on the side
  • TIL. When a cat grooms another cat, it’s meant to reassure the other cat they are part of the gang, and also that the groomer is dominant over the groomee. It establish social hierarchy without fighting, although if both cats start grooming each other, they might get more serious and play-fight. 🐱

  • I should keep drawing animals, and slowly my skill should improve.

    pencil drawing of a black cat
  • The obligatory cat sitting inside and thinking outside the box, ogling for mischief.

    ballpoint sketch of cat in a cardboard box
  • To speed things up, I rushed through the tutorial and quickly sketched a portrait of a beautiful cat. Maybe not the best way to learn how to draw, but it is, after all, a challenge.

    pencil sketched calico cat portrait
  • I got this double cat hammock for Christmas. The cats seem to enjoy it.

    hammock for two cats
  • One person’s trash is supposedly another person’s Xmas treasure. They were bought on a whim, yet never used. I hope I’ll put them to good use.

    four Dutch language art instructional book about drawing and painting cats
  • On caturday we eat together, yet separated because of dietary differences. Still seeing the other eat improves the appetite 🐱🍽️

    two cats eating, one in a cage, one in front of a cage
  • Caturday means day of tolerance and love. 🐱

  • I always wondered why my cats are so strong…

    ballpoint sketch of cat eating spinach from a can

  • Not yet caturday, yet so close 🐱😻

    two cats on a table
  • I went away for quite some hours today, and my cats wanted to hang out with me, on my lap, to show their love. Unfortunately, they’re big cats and my lap has limited space available. I guess I should lie down to offer more “human surface” for them 🐱

    Two cats trying to occupy one human's lap
  • So perhaps I should do some urban sketching with a notebook and a pen. Here’s two sketches of my two Bengal cats in low-low resolution (16x16) 🎨🐱Perhaps the resolution should be more like 64x64 pixels for better recognizability, or even higher, 160x144. So more experiments…

    Notebook page with initial pixel art sketchesdigital pixel art of two cats in a 16x16 pixel grid

  • I don’t have a front garden, so I made one. I call it a micro garden. My cat Maahir seems to enjoy it 🌸🐱🏠

    cat behind window checks the new micro garden with plants temporarily on the sidewalk
  • One of my cats had to be vaccinated. He never leaves the house, so this is a big deal to him. The vet was nice to him and he got a clean bill of health, including his teeth. Now, back home, he seems himself again, busy grooming🐱

    cat in a carrier
  • When I picked the first names—both adjectives—of my cats I didn’t put much effort in it, yet in hindsight their meanings turned out fine. Aziz means mighty, and Maahir competent. Bengal cats are closer to nature than most breeds, and are prone to 😱 mischief and destruction🐱

    bengal cat peacefully lying on owner's lap
  • Day 8 of the micro∙blog May challenge, “union.” 👯‍♂️🐱📷🎨