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  • pencil sketch of a ladybug on a finger
  • The speed reading fallacy: the case for slow reading - Ness Labs

    Instead of trying to read faster, strive to read better.

    On a personal note, I sometimes catch myself vocalizing what I read, to silence the noise going on in my mind, then subvocalize, finally reading words by their shape, all within 15 minutes. Rereading paragraphs I see myself doing as well, sometimes even rereading previous chapters.

    Reading as many books as possible seems silly to me, since it’s only performative, an empty achievement, without benefiting anyone, least myself. Some books take longer to read than others.

  • I wonder if this book counts as reading material: Avatar - The Last Airbender - Art by Bryan Konietzko 📚 It’s more like reference material, somewhere between a novel and a dictionary.

  • pencil sketch of a pineapple under the sea
  • pencil sketch of a cat clock
  • pencil sketch of portico in empty landscape
  • colored ballpoint pen cartoon of a green cat
  • pencil sketch of a muddy forest road
  • pencil sketch of a computer game called patience (solitaire)
  • Sketching ought to reach for the sky, while keeping things simple, IOW think big, draw small, tentative, unassuming, approachable. Making things look easy (so the viewer can relate) is hard work, takes time and patience. 🎨

    Sketches of a toy bird, black woman, two heads of older women
  • pencil sketch of a planet, it's atmosphere, and a night sky with it's star
  • While most take part in MB March to take daily photos, I let myself be motivated to make daily drawings based on the prompt. Since there are no (enforced) rules, I suppose that’s okay, other than that it doesn’t count as an entry for a photo challenge. If that’s my penalty, I’m pleased as Punch.

    screenshot of iPadOS Photos app with MB mar folder containing 13 drawings
  • colored ballpoint pen sketch of the idea of connection between father and son
  • TIL. When a cat grooms another cat, it’s meant to reassure the other cat they are part of the gang, and also that the groomer is dominant over the groomee. It establish social hierarchy without fighting, although if both cats start grooming each other, they might get more serious and play-fight. 🐱

  • cartoonish pencil drawing of a girl with very shiny teeth
  • pencil drawing of kitsch cat and garden
  • ballpoint pen drawing of birthday cake and kitten
  • pencil sketch of a litter of kittens playing together while guarded by their mom
  • pencil sketch of an Egyptian mummy in stylized walking pose, with a cat beside it
  • pencil drawing of the concept of whole, as in w-hole.
  • Two pieces of furniture arrived today to replace some 50 year old completely spent furniture (which was responsibly recycled). Now my living room doesn’t look like I’m broke anymore. Well, I am temporarily in the red until I receive income later this month.

    emptied living roompackaged furniture dresser put on a cat carrier to attach the feetliving room corner with dresser and couch

  • pencil drawing of a failed engineer showing a badly shaped gearwheel
  • wisdom tile with text: Micro-Home is where the Heart is.
  • pencil sketch of a stylized woman holding two guinea pigs and sign with a visual puzzle explaining the micro.blog challenge prompt for March 4 #mbmar
  • I should keep drawing animals, and slowly my skill should improve.

    pencil drawing of a black cat