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  • Yet another self-portrait

    pixel art self-portrait
  • The Oregon Trail, a YouTube documentary by Gaming Historian about the famous educational software title. I recommend watching it.

  • Animated portrait in pixel art. 32 x 32 pixels.

    animated pixel art of cat portrait on a tv set
  • Pixel art of one of my cats. 80 x 80 px, 8 colors.

    pixel art of bengal cat, sitting
  • In preparation for a half marathon on King’s Day (April 27) I ran and walked 24 km. I’m still suffering through an ankle injury, so I’ll have to be cautious. It was a beautiful day, partially run alongside a canal between two rivers. It was tough, because I did 1.5 times my usual training ๐Ÿƒ

    shadow of runner on a bike path through nature asphalt road with bridge across a canal on the right asphalt road with two signs, one wishing goodbye and the other welcome, marking the border between the provinces of Zeeland and Noord-Brabant beautiful dutch sky, like in an old Dutch painting
  • To baa, or not to baa, that’s the question.

    I made this 64 x 64 pixels, 4 colors pixel art piece, using this reference.

    pixel art of orating anthropomorphic goat
  • Moo!

    (64 x 64 pixels, 4 colors, using this reference photo)

    pixel art of cow head
  • One can argue when it all went wrong, and the powers-that-be where too lenient against insurrection, leaving room for kinder interpretations or downright rewriting history in favor of those who committed treason. The union is brittle, that’s for sure. Recent developments have proven that.

    pixel art of Abe Lincoln, titled Faux Liage
  • Somewhat inspired by microโˆ™blog’s April 2024 photoblogging challenge. 64 x 64 pixels, 11 colors.

    pixel art with flower wearing a cartoony face
  • Iโ€™m still struggling with this portrait of Clara Serena Rubens by her father. It feels like Iโ€™m stuck, canโ€™t draw portraits, while I know Iโ€™m reasonably good at drawing portraits, even if I say so myself. Maybe I should put it aside, as a mistake.

    Graphite drawing of girl
  • His catheter was removed, and he now doesn’t have to be contained in a cage anymore, for protection and sanitation. I still need to keep a close eye on him, since the first few days his urethra can clog up again, and he has to go to the vet immediately for emergency treatment.

    cat walking on green carpet
  • With a cat suffering from FLUTD I need more water bowls around the house, especially water fountains. I modified an old one that one my cats kept emptying by pulling it on its side. It seems work, much to the dissatisfaction of said cat. Heโ€™ll accept it soon(ish) enough. ๐Ÿฑ

    Water fountain modified with some cooking equipment and doubled-sided tape
  • Sick cats can be so needy. Heโ€™s in pain, clearly, and purrs loudly when petted. Painkillers can only do so much. ๐Ÿฑ

    cat with hood around its neck
  • One of my cats suffers from FLUTD and has to be contained for now because he got narcosis to be treated. He also had the hood of shame. The other cat thinks itโ€™s interesting. Cats have little to no empathy, or donโ€™t show it.

    Two cats, one caged, the other free.
  • I suppose I can print this and use a portrait of Clara Serena Rubens to paint a portrait, a master study, so to say. I only have to change the proportions to fit a young girl. Next, do it as pixel art, maybe?

    basic proportions of the human head
  • Was looking for a good ink drawing to recreate as pixel art, and found my own ink drawing from 2011. I believe I have improved somewhat since that time. There’s also a process video. 200 x 200 pixels. According to Apple Screen Time it took me 2h34m to draw.

    pixel art of an ink bottle with cross hatching animated GIF of drawing process
  • I found these 25 faces and tried to recreate them faithfully in pixel art. Below it is an animated GIF of the time lapse creating the drawing.

    pixel art of 25 cartoon faces time lapse of pixel art drawing
  • Pixel art of a symbolic face I modified and colored with this color palette, using this reference. 64 x 64 pixels.

    pixel art of colored symbolic face
  • Pixel art of a cloud using a vibrant color palette.

    pixel art cloud over a forest
  • I’m not very good at planning. Animators are supposed to plan ahead. So I end up with a mess.

    animated pixel art of schematic dog running