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  • SepPixel for September 11, 2023, theme: “Retrospect.” If books like Animal Farm have taught us anything, it is that civil society is the only way to advance humanity from the notion that being different is a bad thing.

    pixel art depicting a knight realizing what he has done, with a pile of bodies behind him
  • SepPixel for September 10, 2023, theme: “Cycle”, or perhaps “BiCycle."

    abstract pixel art depicting something in which the letters b and i have been removed from the word bicycle
  • SepPixel for September 9, 2023, theme: “Language."

    pixel art of three blocks with the letters A, B, and C
  • SepPixel for September 8, 2023, theme: “Yonder."

    pixel art of the Yonder Mountain String Band, 4 musician playing blue grass and prog rock
  • There’s a new set of 7 prompts for the microโˆ™blog photo blogging challenge for September 2023. There was a request for more prompts, but I failed miserably by suggesting a very negative word. I was never any good at words or writing or narrative. Not for lack of trying, though. There was more than enough of the latter, just too few successful attempts to matter.

    Words, how do they even work?

    screenshot of iPad app Pixaki, showing several reference photos and a single stick figure

    As for my contribution in pixel artโ€ฆ Let’s say it’s a work in progress.

  • SepPixel for September 7, 2023, theme: “Panorama."

    animated panoramic pixel art painting of small artificial pool in nature, partially unrolled
  • Lifetime memberships seem to be the current rage, Wordpress hosting, watching Nebula, and probably many more. I think it appeals to those who hate the surreptitiousness of recurring subscriptions, and to those who despise venture capitalism’s firm hold on company strategy.

  • SepPixel for September 6, 2023, theme: “Well."

    tiny 18 by 20 pixel art portrait of Claudia Wells as Jennifer Parker in the movie blockbuster Back To The Future
  • SepPixel for September 5, 2023, theme: “Forest."

    pixel art of a forest
  • SepPixel for September 4, 2023, theme: “Orange."

    pixel art of an orange fruit and orange cat sleeping
  • SepPixel for September 3, 2023, theme: “Precious."

    pixel art of a mother cat hugging and licking a kitten, probably not her own
  • SepPixel for September 2, 2023, theme: “Buildup."

    pixel art of brook with beaver and its dams
  • I just donated the money I saved today by carpooling to @thatkruegergirl Remember, the human capacity for compassion is infinite, despite what others say.

  • SepPixel for September 1, 2023, theme: “Abstract."

    pixel art of abstracted portrait of Steve Wozniak
  • Why, as I grow more mature as an artist, am I still shooting for what I can’t possibly reach with my art skills? Anyway, I’m prepping myself for another 30 days of pixel art.

    Screenshot of Pixaki app on iPad showing a rough sketch of Steve Wozniak, a reference photo and a reference of Picasso art. Work in Progress.

    Did you know the art of the original Mac was inspired by Matisse, not Picasso? Both are conceptual, abstract artists.

  • Pixel art for Pixel Dailies, theme: “Transporter”, for August 30, 2023 (so, with a day delay). I got all VW Transporters in my image search, so I opted for a vehicle in extreme perspective. Game Boy format (160 x 144 pixels, 4 colors). Drawing time ยฑ 1 hour.

    pixel art of a VW Transporter minivan

    Tomorrow starts “SepPixel.”

  • It’s September ย 0ย negative one, and I hope to join the Microโˆ™blog September 2023 challenge tomorrowthe day after tomorrow, not with photography, but with pixel art ๐Ÿ™ƒ

    I call it “SepPixel.” Let’s see how this one goesโ€ฆ

    pixel art template for for microโˆ™blog september 2023 challenge
  • Yesterday’s theme on Pixels Dailies was: “Reaction Image.” I did a quick image search to get an idea and then drew from imagination a WTF face. Pixel art 32 x 32 pixels, 4 colors on an 160 x 144 Game Boy canvas. Drawing time: 1u26m. Not posted on Pixel Dailies.

    pixel art for Pixels Dailies, theme Reaction Image, where someone has a WTF face
  • Pixel art. I made a Game Boy compatible base image (160 x 144 pixels, 4 colors), though with a different color palette (called “Candypop”). I can now easily add the theme and change the date. Though, the date is today ๐Ÿ˜ฌ That’s global timezones for you. I’m happy with it โ˜บ๏ธ โ€ฆ Time: 2u22m, oops ๐Ÿ˜…

    pixel art of an elaborate frame for art that is yet to be drawn
  • Pixel art at Game Boy resolution (160 x 144, 4 colors), using a different color palette (candy pop). This is me leaning out from art challenges a bit, not going into details too much. Still, drawing time was 2u25m. Not posted on Pixel Dailies.

    pixel art with four doubloons on shelfs