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  • Retrospect: 2023 Reddit Sketch Daily challenge

    To get back into pixel art, I gave myself the challenge to draw the daily prompts (themes or alt themes) for r/SketchDaily on Reddit and post the result on both it and my blog. Here are the prompts and the links to blog posts with the drawing in it. ๐Ÿ‘พ July 26, 2023: Pillow Fight July 28, 2023: Free โ€ฆ read more

  • SepPixel for September 18, 2023, prompt: “Fabric."

    pixel art of tartan texture, needle and thimble
  • SepPixel for September 17, 2023, prompt: “Intense”

    pixel art of an intense dream sequence
  • SepPixel for September 16, 2023, prompt: “Oof!"

    pixel art of guy punching a punching bag full on
  • SepPixel for September 15, 2023, prompt: “Red."

    pixel art of a painting of the Satan character in the Netflix series Disenchantment
  • Thinking of my next art challenge for the month of October. It’s Inktober, yet with cats and in pixel art instead of ink on paper.

    pixel art of empty canvas for the catober art challenge
  • SepPixel for September 14, 2023, theme: “Statue."

    pixel art of stylized shark with knife, fork and napkin around neck, placed on a pedestal, titled SHARK
  • SepPixel for September 13, 2023, theme: “Glowing."

    Pixel art of Pokรฉmon's Pikachu glowing in the dark.
  • Pixel Dailies theme for September 12, 2023 is: “Rulebook."

    No rules, no game.

    pixel art with 32 by 32 pixels frame with a rulebook
  • SepPixel for September 12, 2023, theme: “Panic."

    pixel art of Panic's Playdate gaming device
  • SepPixel for September 11, 2023, theme: “Retrospect.” If books like Animal Farm have taught us anything, it is that civil society is the only way to advance humanity from the notion that being different is a bad thing.

    pixel art depicting a knight realizing what he has done, with a pile of bodies behind him
  • SepPixel for September 10, 2023, theme: “Cycle”, or perhaps “BiCycle."

    abstract pixel art depicting something in which the letters b and i have been removed from the word bicycle
  • SepPixel for September 9, 2023, theme: “Language."

    pixel art of three blocks with the letters A, B, and C
  • SepPixel for September 8, 2023, theme: “Yonder."

    pixel art of the Yonder Mountain String Band, 4 musician playing blue grass and prog rock
  • There’s a new set of 7 prompts for the microโˆ™blog photo blogging challenge for September 2023. There was a request for more prompts, but I failed miserably by suggesting a very negative word. I was never any good at words or writing or narrative. Not for lack of trying, though. There was more than enough of the latter, just too few successful attempts to matter.

    Words, how do they even work?

    screenshot of iPad app Pixaki, showing several reference photos and a single stick figure

    As for my contribution in pixel artโ€ฆ Let’s say it’s a work in progress.

  • SepPixel for September 7, 2023, theme: “Panorama."

    animated panoramic pixel art painting of small artificial pool in nature, partially unrolled
  • SepPixel for September 6, 2023, theme: “Well."

    tiny 18 by 20 pixel art portrait of Claudia Wells as Jennifer Parker in the movie blockbuster Back To The Future
  • SepPixel for September 5, 2023, theme: “Forest."

    pixel art of a forest
  • SepPixel for September 4, 2023, theme: “Orange."

    pixel art of an orange fruit and orange cat sleeping
  • SepPixel for September 3, 2023, theme: “Precious."

    pixel art of a mother cat hugging and licking a kitten, probably not her own