Cathode Ray Tube Display

As Adrian Black often explains on his retro computer YouTube channel, cathode ray tubes are disposables, meaning they wear with use. Either they are dim or don’t work at all, but can be revived sometimes, making Adrian exclaim with enthusiasm.

ballpoint sketch of man sitting in front of an Apple II computer with CRT display on top of it

Yes Minister

A British political satire sitcom aired on BBC2 from 1980 to 1984. It follows the ministerial career of Jim Hacker in his struggle to govern in opposition of a conservative civil service, personified by permanent secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby.

ballpoint sketch of the main cast of Yes Minister


There seem to be no absolutes in the world we inhabit.

ballpoint illustration of sherlock holmes doubting certainties in life and death


For people to agree on anything, they all first need to know what to do, why to do it, and who it’s for.

ballpoint sketch of superheroes putting up their thumbs


This lander-explorer is packed with instruments to probe the interior of the Red Planet.

ballpoint sketch note of the InSight lander for the planet Mars

Echo chamber of greatness


Thusly most remember the famous fifth symphony by Ludwig Von Beethoven. It’s part of Western culture, and it sounds through everything we do so much, we don’t even hear it anymore.

ballpoint sketch of a buste of Ludwig Von Beethoven


As a home renter I wasn’t aware of the protection home owners get in certain states of the USA.

ballpoint drawing illustrating homestead exemption


If we admit it or not, we all have our role models, people we look up to and would want to emulate to better ourselves, be it race car driver, teacher or a tech entrepreneur. Our society wouldn’t be as great as it is if we couldn’t imagine a better world.

ballpoint sketch of LOTR Gollum catching the ring of power


Gatekeepers think that creatives need them to make precious goods, are even owed eternal gratitude and 30 percent payment of anything third parties produce. That didn’t stop some to still make their own stuff, despite rules and restrictions of the big guys.

Yogi Bear inspired cartoon drawn in ballpoint pen in a notebook


Behold in the beast’s eye the celebration of what’s to come.

ballpoint sketch of two festive guinea pigs in Christmas garb


A certain multi-billionaire bought a social media site for a large sum of money. The impression he left was of a bull in a china shop, guessing he could get away with it, like 3, 2, 1 … liftoff!

ballpoint sketch of Elon Musk

I suppose as long as I’m still worried about the result rather than enjoying the process, I can’t but be patient until my inner voice shuts the h*$!l up. Until it does, I should only draw when I feel like drawing, not to fulfill some imagined daily duty to draw 🎨 Inktober Fail.

ballpoint pen sketch of sleeping cat

Silly idea in pixel art 🎨 for a Strava profile pic. I won’t be using it, though.

pixel art of runner tagged know wing

Aside from the clear spelling error.

And the struggle continues. Only 7 days left for Inktober Classic and only a poor observational skill to help me through 31 drawings from direct observation. It won’t be pretty, nor (even remotely) compete with established pen artists on Instagram, if I even knew who they were. 🎨

ballpoint pen sketch of three soap containers

Based on a fuzzy photo in the rain, this morning I used it as a reference for this pencil sketch. The result is what it is, but it’s a result despite the fear of failure. The latter is silly πŸ™ƒ since nothing is threatening me, nor has failing real consequences. 🎨

pen sketch of good running friend

Today’s ballpoint pen sketch from observation. It’s still hard to get into the mood of drawing, especially if there’s so much noise around to distract me 🎨

ballpoint sketch of pot with flowering plant

Observational sketch with ballpoint pen in a notebook 🎨

More experimenting. I made a frame of 120 x 108 mm on paper in my notebook and sketched a fox from a photo reference with ballpoint pen. Next I scanned it and tried to create a pixel art outline, which I filled with flat colors. 🎨 It’s too many steps to feel “easy to do.”

ballpoint pen sketch of a foxpixel art sketch of a fox

So perhaps I should do some urban sketching with a notebook and a pen. Here’s two sketches of my two Bengal cats in low-low resolution (16x16) 🎨🐱Perhaps the resolution should be more like 64x64 pixels for better recognizability, or even higher, 160x144. So more experiments…

Notebook page with initial pixel art sketchesdigital pixel art of two cats in a 16x16 pixel grid

So swordtember turned out to be a big failure. It seems I’m really bad at routine and habit forming. Nevertheless, I turned to Reddit gets Drawn, and drew this woman 🎨 No idea if I can keep this up. I haven’t posted it on Reddit, because I don’t like it myself, so why would she?

pixel art of woman with goggles on her hair

This month I’m doing swordtember. Number 1 is the longsword, done as pixel art 🎨

Swordtember number 1, longsword pixel art

I like the design esthetics of this pixel art drawing I made in August. After being burnt out from self-challenges earlier this year, maybe I should pick up my Apple Pencil again, and join one of the many online suggestions for artistic self-challenges, only more selective this time. If a criterium (draw every day) becomes a target, it loses its usefulness 🎨

bengal cat pixel art

Microβˆ™blog May challenge day 11, “maroon.” Marooned with a tricylce on a maroon colored brick wall πŸ“·πŸ–₯πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨πŸŽ¨

wall with maroon colored brick with a pixel art toddler on a tricycle

Pixel Dailies for 8 May 2022 was a quicky, because I was behind. The theme was “organic.” Playing organ with fruit in my mind πŸ–₯πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨πŸŽ¨

pixel art keyboard playing organic fruit

Microβˆ™blog May challenge, day 10, “pot.” As usual, words have different meanings, be it a jar or a herb πŸ“·πŸ–₯πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨πŸŽ¨

pot of mustard on dinner table with pixel art stoner