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  • Drawing from a reference on Flickr in Game Boy pixel art (160 by 144 pixels, 4 colors), with process animated GIF. Drawn in ibis Paint X, pixeled in Pixaki.

    Game Boy pixel art of a boy looking up animated GIF of drawing process in ibis Paint X
  • Pixel art for the Game Boy.

    pixel art of a cat sitting besides a ball of whool
  • This could be cover art for a Viking war game.

    pixel art of Raging Viking crying Hrafnagud
  • I notice within myself a slight reluctance to continue this project, which reluctance is quite normal, I believe. As long as the desire to see this through is greater than doing much of the same thing day after day, I think I’ll manage the mental resistance to continue.

    pixel art with merchant townhouses on a blue background
  • Another day, an additional house. Paying attention to details, but especially adjusting what’s in the reference to what’s already drawn, takes a huge amount of time. I went with another color of brick to add variety. It’s all imagined, so I get to pick and choose.

    pixel art of three merchant townhouses against a blue background
  • You’d think we’d developed something against male pattern baldness by the 24th century

    pixel art of Star Fleet captain in Simpsons cartooning style
  • Another house added, plus the previous house edited. Creation is mostly revising what you previously made. Anyway, it’s giving me vibes of a Dutch city in summer. Only six whole and two half houses to paint before I get to invent the background.

    pixel art of two merchant townhouses on a blue background
  • Game Boy Advance pixel art with Game Boy color palette

    pixel art of a squirrel, a leave and an acorn
  • There are so many details to even a single house with a step gable to copy from an illustration, that it took me almost 2 hours to make it. Next, I’ll try a neck gable, then a clock gable from reference. There are other architecture styles I noticed collecting photos. It’s a slow process overallโ€ฆ

    pixel art of single merchant townhouse with step gable
  • It doesn’t seem much, yet it represents hours of studying Midieval merchants' townhouses for their generic building plans and reasons for their dimensions. For actually understanding their historical relevance I’d have study much more, in the order of months.

    digital drawing of a row of narrow and tall blocks, representing merchants' townhouses
  • I was thinking “cityscape”, so I got some references of Amsterdam cityscapes, basically houses alongside canals. It turned out drawing a single house was already a big thing. I had to leave out so much details. I also forgot to add a human analog for scale, though the door is perhaps good enough.

    pixel art of a 16th century Amsterdam merchant house
  • What was I thinking?

    digital painting of a rooster
  • Games can (and should) have great artwork, but for gameplay it does nothing; players soon look past it if the game is any good. Something I learned from A Theory of Fun by Raph Koster.

    pixel art around the text Gameplay was never about Looks
  • This is one of those random scribbles and then make something out of it. Maybe I’m reaching the bottom of the barrel here.

    pixel art of random doodle showing a runner
  • Sometimes what I draw doesn’t make sense to me. Then after some time it begins to make sense, somewhat. My fantasy is weird, non-productive. I like the colors, though.

    pixel art of a teddy bear, a cup and a ball
  • This pixel art was crushed from 81.920 bytes into 3.473 bytes. It’s an Amiga LowRes 320 by 256 pixels drawing with 3 bit planes (8 colors), representing a rooster.

    pixel art of a rooster
  • For some reason, I can make art on the RPi using an old Amiga LowRes format. I suppose it’s the limitations that stimulate my creativity, while with the full-blown iPad I’m still struggling because of the many options. Meaning, I have to think much harder before drawing on the RPi.

    bald man saying hi
  • I suppose I still need to practice (a lot more) to reach a pro level of art. Is it a duck or an ostrich, or something else altogether? ๐Ÿคท If it’s a duck, it’s fugly!

    drawing of an ostrich neck and head
  • I suppose with an iPad Pro 11 inch, and Apple Pencil 2 I can myself a “pro” now. At least I have added to Apple’s bottom line. They needed my contribution, surely. ๐Ÿคฃ

    Commodore 64 multicolor bitmap cartoon of a pro artist
  • Maybe the last time for a while I drew with Multipaint from scratch, full of errors and slowness. Tomorrow I’ll go buy my replacement iPad.

    colorful Commodore 64 screen with little people holding hands