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Pixel art

  • Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s April Showers, drawn in Game Boy compatible pixel art.

    pixel art abstract geometric patterns
  • Using this as my reference I drew a road race car. Perspective is always a hassle, so I took quite some liberties. I expect my next will be much better, with this one under my belt.

    pixel art of a Porsche race car
  • A bed seems simple enough to draw in isometric perspective, until you actually do it, as I did. I need more pixels, but that’s silly, since seasoned pixel artists do not, although they do need more colors. Also, funny how details get lost in downscaling.

    pixel art of two sizes of the same 1-person bed
  • Did some random characters.

    pixel art of cute cat and three male heads
  • Here is the final pixel art piece that is compatible with the Nintendo Game Boy. Many thanks to these photographers who allowed me to create sprites based on their kitten photos: , , , , , , , and

    pixel art of 8 kittens as 24 by 24 pixels sprites
  • WIP pixel art. The main focus points at this stage—besides finishing the piece—were variety and cuteness, so it’s more interesting to look at. So I replaced the same backgrounds on each of the eight frames with new backgrounds. And oh, I added a sixth 24x24 pixels kitten sprite 🥹 Only two left!

    pixel art kitten sprites
  • WIP pixel art. I’ve added my .aseprite files to a Working Copy repository, so I can revert to an earlier version. With all this editing I already lost a version of the current project, maybe caused by an iPad app error while saving, or—more likely—PEBFAC, problem exists between finger and couch.

    pixel art of kitten sprites, each 24 by 24 pixels
  • WIP pixel art. I suppose it makes all the difference if one is taking time to make a somewhat cohesive drawing . It sets an expectation. Here: You won’t get photorealism, but it’ll be fun nonetheless. The character design is still lacking, though. I need some guidance thru Aaron Blaise’s tutorial.

    pixel art with kitten spirites
  • WIP. Drawing smaller is harder, or perhaps it’s at the small scale that my lack of drawing skills shows through. Though it’s probably mostly a lack of design skill. I’m working on it…

    pixel art with two kittens as 24 by 24 sprites
  • I once bred Abyssinian cats, until it became too expensive. Still, I have deep admiration for the breed and their breeders. On my 64th birthday I drew one in pixel art from this reference.

    Abyssinian kitten
  • Interesting video by Matt Parker on YT about shearing pixels horizontally and vertically instead of rotating a picture. Unlike GPU powered rotation (using floating point calculations), it conserves pixel (colors).

    animated GIF of shearing of a block instead of rotating
  • Practicing isometric perspective with shifting rows of two pixels wide one pixel position vertically, and mirroring whole shapes horizontally or vertically. It’s not perfect, and some pixel editing is required, and even then it’s a compromise.

    pixel art, several flat shapes and their rendering as objects with volume in isometric perspective
  • Game Boy compatible pixel art drawing, based on this photo

    Game Boy pixel art of a kitten laying on its side
  • On YouTube I saw Matt Parker and Adam Savage do videos about how to construct geometric shapes in three dimensions. I tried the same with flat shapes in both 2D and (pixel art) isometric perspective. Since pixel art is a crude representation of reality, I had to fudge a lot to make it fit.

    pixel art (200 by 200, 8 colors) of a square and a equal-sided pentagon in top view and in sheared (pixel art) isometric perspective
  • Doing some character design in pixel art, Game Boy compatible.

    pixel art in green shades, with a man, woman, child and cat
  • I drew a Bangladeshi girl in traditional dress based on this photo and an image search on traditional clothing from Bangladesh, which was rather sparse amongst the modern dresses inspired by tradition (because that what people might want to wear nowadays).

    pixel art girl in traditional Bangladeshi dress
  • I have today’s work cut out for me with this portrait of a Bangladeshi girl from 2011.

    screenshot of blank canvas in Pixquare app, with a color palette called baba32 and a reference photo of girl in traditional foreign dress
  • Practicing dithering.

    pixel art with a block, sphere and some kind of triangle
  • I made this 64 by 64 pixel art portrait, referencing this photo of Raymond and using only four colors from the 2-bits-pips color palette.

    pixel art portrait of a bearded man
  • Drawn while listening to A Legacy of Biffs on The Incomparable Mothership podcast about Back to the Future 2. It’s an audio podcast, so I got to draw from imagination.

    pixel art with painting of person on a hoverboard in Back to the Future 2