It turned out the art challenge that I gave myself for January 2023 wasn’t very realistic. Look at what I wanted to make:

  • animal drawings that are somewhat realistic and colored with markers

I’m not very skilled at drawing animals, realistic or otherwise, nor at coloring with markers.

colored sketches of horses

It turns out that the tutorials about drawing animals aren’t very helpful. The basics of drawing aren’t included in those tutorials, nor are the basics of drawing mammals (which is often meant with “animals”). Luckily, I have some art instructional books that do, but those require study and years of practice.

Am I giving up? No. But I do have to lower my expectations, a lot a lot.

So far I’ve drawn:

  • sitting cat
  • mouse
  • rabbit
  • horse

Still 30 to go. I should speed up a bit, since the month has only 25 days left.