The question was if I’m up to the art challenge of drawing animals. Only one way to find out, draw…

photo of a bengal cat and its drawing by me

So this is the current state of my drawing skills, it seems. It isn’t bad, although it’s easy to see its plentiful flaws. I thought it wasn’t a good enough sketch to create a full colored drawing with markers.

Time to re-evaluate my initial art challenge, learn how to draw animals in the month of January 2023. That seems a setup for failure 😞 So, a more realistic challenge is to use a couple of months to achieve this goal. I want to be at least able to complete a few colored drawings this month. For now I have two of my own cats to draw, one of which is no longer alive (so I can’t draw him from direct observation). It’s only one of the 34 drawings to make, but I’m sticking to it. The important thing is to remember to have fun, not to be a slave to the challenge. Who knows, I might get 34 drawings done this month.

It’s already clear why so many fail at this stage. Not meeting prior expectations is tough. However, it is what it is, and things can only get better from now on. Trust the process. Practice will make better.