Rough ideas are perhaps wishy-washy, trite, or even dead wrong. The text is also in the alt attribute.

To communicate clearly, what you show must be read, then understood. Simplicity, then, is of utmost importance, so anyone is able to get what you mean. Simplicity requires the creator to think before committing to their medium. What can be left out, should be left out. It won’t come easy, nor at first attempt. Unintended details will creep in, confusing the creator. Stepping back, often literally, is a useful tool to get back to that initial spark of inspiration. At a distance, details tend to get lost, the overall picture emerges, rough indeed, yet clearly visible. Art is a process of consideration and reconsideration, never done, always in flux. Planning, inspiration, clearness of vision. 17-11-2022 Rene van Belzen, after reading Drawn to Life by Walt Stanchfield, on Innovation pp 3-6.