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  • I’m happy with my tiny town garden. When I came here, the previous renter had left it in a poor state. I think it’s quite an improvement. They used it as a rubbish dump, for burying larger items of trash. I dug up 240 liters or so, replaced it with garden soil. 🏠🌸

  • 🏠 Someone had painted the wooden door frame of my bathroom with wall paint 🤪 So it needs two layers of paint primer. I couldn’t sand off the wall paint, since I don’t know how remove the door, and, more importantly, how to properly put it back into the frame.

  • Went shopping for 🏠 improvement. Some paint and primer, degreaser, lacquer roller and brush, tape, system to catch the mail from mashing cat teeth. Not much, still 160 euros 😣

  • The roof workers are done for today. They left a mess from removing the cantilever window. They’ll clean up as soon as they’re done, which can be in a few days. So I cleaned it up a bit, so my cats won’t hurt themselves on sharp wood nor rusty nails, or roll in the dirt. 🏠

  • Renovation 🏠 Tiles on back roof removed, including the cantilever window. It’s a mess inside, so it’s good the workers protected my carpet with plastic canvas.

  • Day one of my home 🏠 improvement project started with a visit per Dutch city bike 🚲 to a local home improvement store, called Praxis. I only bought what I needed, and still I spent more 💰 than on weekly grocery shopping for one person.

    PS more and even more on my other blog.

  • Question to the community…

    A responsible and accountable person doesn’t measure their wealth in Snickers bars. So what budgeting solutions do you recommend for someone who has no clue about (nor experience with) double-entry bookkeeping? 🏠

  • It snowed last night… It will be molten in a few hours, since it’s above freezing. 🏠

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