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  • One of the advantages of having a blog… I wondered why a year ago I had such poor training regime for running. Then I read: overtrained in January (with complete bed rest for a week), followed by a slew of injuries after I picked up my training far too quickly. I was out of shape, quite a bit 🏃

  • I think long distance running, certainly above a certain age (read: amount of self-knowledge), is about conquering fear in advance. I’m about to run 26 km, and made it twice 13 km (i.e., back and forth), to make it less impressive. Still, I’m apprehensive 😬 What am I doing this for, again? 🏃‍♂️

  • On King’s Day, April 27, I ran another half marathon race, in a year best time (see my Strava if you’re curious). I was so tired afterwards I got the hickups for the rest of the day, and had to rest the next day. 🏃‍♂️

    runner with bandana (it's me!)
  • One has to plan a lot and far in advance if one wants to enter in a popular marathon, even when to subscribe before there’ll be a waiting list. There’s the preparation as well, a training schedule, either bought, downloaded, or self-made. Also, how to fuel in a race, and how to get there, etc. 🏃‍♂️

  • Yesterday I passed 1000 km this year. If I keep this up, I’ll pass 3000 km early December this year. As you would expect (or maybe not), I’m not fast, on average 6:44 min/km (10:50 min/mi). That’s because I only run 20% fast, and the rest slow, to keep my running hobby sustainable.

  • With 3 half marathon races finished, 6 planned, and a regime of strength and conditioning exercises, am I over-preparing for my 2023 fall marathon? From experience I know you can’t over-prepare, as long as you don’t get hurt 🏃‍♂️

    lone runner (me!) on bi-directional bike lane, separated in middle by red and white ribbon
  • Three times is a charm, it seems. After the first two half marathons I ran this year my hip muscles were very sore. However, on April 16 I only finished tired, not exhausted. I also ran the best time this year, without going all out. My PR was safe, though, with more than 20 minutes to spare 🏃‍♂️

    Half Marathon of Helmond (NL). I’m sprinting towards the finish line, not visible from this angle.

  • I tried the 10 kg kettlebell again, using exercises for runners, not too long, yet long enough to raise my heart rate and feel the resistance of the weight. Now I’ll increase the reps slowly over the weeks, concentrating on technique. In a couple of months I should be able to handle two kettlebells.

  • I’m reminded by my DOMS that even a measly weight of 10 kg represents a serious challenge to my undertrained (read: old-man) leg muscles. I’m happy I didn’t buy the recommended two kettlebells of 16 kg (36 lbs) each. Since I don’t have a driver’s licence, I’ll pay to have those delivered 🏋️‍♂️

  • I bought an “el cheapo” kettlebell so I can start strength training to be able to handle two 16 kg (36 lbs) eventually. I appear to lack the strength in my body to do my slow long runs of 26+ km without being exhausted afterwards. These long runs I’ll need for marathon training.

    10 kg kettlebell
  • Don’t you hate it when scientists are unsure if running on soft surfaces can result in injuries? The best advice (given how little is known) seems to be to avoid soft surfaces if you’re tired and stiff in your legs and hit the road instead 🏃‍♂️

  • I suppose if you had a good night’s sleep (>8 hours) and still need a long nap (>2 hours) during the day, it’s a sign to make today a rest day 🏃

  • Yesterday I was running a half marathon race and was so tired that I didn’t notice the beauty of this scene. I did okay, but am still very tired the day after.🏃‍♂️

    straight bike path with canals to the right and left and grassy landscape
  • I suppose I’ve decided not to run the marathon in eight days from when I write this. Too much has gone wrong in the past four weeks that haven’t yet been righted, not in the least this nasty cold I caught two weeks ago and just keeps buggering on.

  • If I look at two recent races, which were under very unfavorable circumstances (flu vaccination, partial recovery from previous race) common sense tells me to go for a marathon in four hours, however, my average pace and heart rate tells me to go for 3h:45'. I need a coach! 🏃‍♂️

  • After my corona vaccination 1.5 weeks ago, I had a dip in my weekly mileage. GPs advice, so I’ve found through online search, for kids after their vaccination is against any intensive sports. I missed that, and now know why I felt so bad during my training in the last 10 days🏃‍♂️

    chart showing a dip in last weeks mileage
  • Contemplating what to do with athletes who want to compete recreational in marathons, triathlons and ultras, yet don’t get the support they pay their T&F club a fee for. I suppose they better look for a personal coach, since we’ve been without a coach for many years now 🏃‍♂️

  • Yesterday our small scale running race (165 🏃‍♀️🏃, well-organized, 2x per year) around Nijkerk, the Netherlands, was accompanied by fanfare, courtesy of Concordia Nijkerkerveen. They were nice enough to walk us from the parking lot to the start, a few hundreds meters away.

    The band after the race, at ease, chatting casually.
  • I perhaps should mention that last Sunday I kinda ruined my half marathon race, yet got a boost in comfidence by outdoing myself with short bursts of speed during the race. With proper training I could see myself beating my PR set 20 years ago in my 40s, proving 60 isn’t old 🏃

  • Tomorrow I’ll be attempting to run 🏃 my long run not only on the usual empty stomach and only tap water, but also on slightly depleted glycogen stores, trying to “touch the wall on purpose”, deal with it while running. So today I’ll be fasting, doing the reverse of CH stacking.

    Map of my 26 km running course